Scoiocultural context

The demand on education today, could be met Hue Macintosh ‘Go where the learners are. This would require permission from the learner, to enter into their space. Reflecting on the experience of other teachers. learners can become very guarded about their space. So where does this leave the educator? Brookfield’s Critical Lense, ‘ Learning sense and identity’ tries to address this issue.


Brookfield, S. (1995)  Adult learning: An overview (on-line) Available: Adult learning html. [1999.Feb] as the videos


4 thoughts on “Scoiocultural context

  1. Hi Errol

    Here’s a link to a Ewan McIntosh video that explores his notion of the different ‘spaces’ in which learners operate and the extent to which these can be exploited for teaching and learning. I’d be interested to hear your take on the video and on how it relates to theories of interactivity and online community.

    Also, here’s a link to a short summary of Brookfiled’s critical lenses – – relevant to this module in that we’re asking you to favour the ‘theoretical’ lens, though not to ignore the others if they give useful insights…


    • Hi Cheryl

      Thanks for the links, they have helped me to put the pieces together. Ewan McIntosh’s video was revealing, in that, the thought of enabling learners to go off task when ever they feel the need is quite intimidating for me. This idea was also put forward by O’ Hanlan,C. (2003), ‘Educational Inclusion as Action Research: An Interpretive Discourse’, (p.12) and states that, “We must be aware that learning can just as easily be identified in the forces of liberation as it can be in the forces of repression and explotation”. Also Brookfield,S. (1995), ‘argues that excellent teachers, “in a deliberate and sustained way, continually attempt to shape teaching and learning environments into democratic spaces of knowledge exchange. In this context it is permissable to set free, and trust learners to take ownership of their space.


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