Thing 3 RSS

RSS enables the user to connect on a multiple basis, Rice (2000) calls it ‘shaping and sharing information. He relates and contextualise the emergence of ‘new media’ to traditional English studies. The idea that technology is, and highly like to be misused, a proposition that may be evidenced in corporate organisation whose main or only concern is the ‘bottom line’. This perspective aligns new media or media in general with what may be called a basic human instincts, which can arguably be seen in capitalism. The idea that English studies is traditionally situated within establish structures, and cultural hierarchy with in a fixed matrix  implies that new media is shifting the paradigm of  English literature. The world-wide web being the driving force for new forms of connectivity delivered via networking, oppose to traditional forms of interactions.

New technology i.e RSS will empower me to work smarter because it is time and energy efficient and will enrich learners experience through multi-tasking and collaborating with fellow learners as group, locally, nationally and internationally using RSS real-time functionalities.


Rice J. (2006), Networks and new media. College English. 69:127-133.

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