Laurillard (2002) Conversational framework categorises blog entries under educational Technology. But I would suggest tweeting is a version of blogging. Although more informal, it is non the less a communication tool which enables users to complete a message loop (Yacci, 2000).
Tweeters are also able to build communities based on personal interest. Communication is on a more intimate level, and as the user chooses who to follow, interaction on a daily basis or even more frequently depending availablity, having a birds eye view into some ones world. This type of voyourism was first seen in 'reality television', 'Big Brother' a fly on the wall programme, in which every day life is used to entertain.

ezzardcharles errol campbell

Ewan McIntosh's video ' Go where Your Learners Are, and Stephen Brookfield (2001) 'Critical Lense' highlights the six spaces, technology occupies within social networking.

Brookfield, S. (2001) 'Critical lense';Learning Space and Identity

One thought on “Twitter

  1. I think Twitter is called micro-blogging, so you are right. It can be very fly on the wall when used in general terms, but I also think that the way teachers have embraced it and use it to post links to useful resources is really good.


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