I presently use ebrary, for collecting, reading, bookmarking, endnotes and reference gathering. But after close scrutiny of both Citulike and Drigo, I now see how their various resources would be advantageous.

Citulike, offers collaborative resource tools, which are beneficial to academic researchers, and helpful to me, by using the web browser to collect and store bibliographic records. Used in conjunction with the RSS feeder and the Google reader, I believe is the way to get the best from Citulike functionalities.

There are advantages in using Citulike over ebrary, in the collaboration and sharing of information. Where ebrary is more of a library resource, which conveniently for me is linked to summons and the university library, it does not appear to offer collaborative features linking to the web. I may be wrong.

Personally, I think Drigo presents an additional affordance to thst offered by Citulike. With a cloud base system Drigo do’es not only enables collaboration but also interactivity, and extremely desirable because it incorporates andriod and apps to add portability, through, ipad and iphone. I would use Drigo to gather, organise and communicate my teaching material, and Citulike for maintaining accurate and up to date academic research and gathering and sharing information within a community.

Drigo functionality would enable, the develop of own practice, i.e from the macro to the micro perspective, e.g. activities being centered around my personal commitments, giving me the opportunity to manage various elements such as time and place in which colaboration and interactions take place, as a result becoming less of a problem in achieving a good work, life balance

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